About us

We are two brothers who really enjoy the abundance of outdoor activities that the West Coast of Beautiful British Columbia has to offer.  In recent years our beautiful forests have been plagued with forest fires; resulting in thousands of acres of damaged wilderness and months of terrible air quality.  Many brave professionals and volunteers battle these fires for months at a time in an effort to curtail the destruction.  The goal of Feu Apparel is to provide financial support to these organizations so that they can continue to save our beautiful forests as well as provide assistance to those who have fallen victim to the fires.  In British Columbia, you dial *5555 to report a wild fire, so we feel it is fitting to donate $5.55 from every sale to support the cause.  Recipients will include the National Forest Foundation, the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund and the Red Cross to name a few.   Feu Apparel’s stylish, high-quality athletic wear is embossed with our logo supporting those who fight the fires.  Please support our cause through our donation of $5.55 on every item sold.  *5555 and thank you. 

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If you would like to donate directly to these organizations, please see the following links;






All of our items have been designed in Canada and made in the USA. *


* - Athletic shorts are made in Latvia.